Londo Mollari

If you dont know what Babylon 5 is check out THIS LINK. Then check out the show on TV. Its the coolest Sci-Fi TV show I've ever seen. Even the Star Wars trilogy only dares to compare (IMHO.) If you want a shorter synopsis of the story so far try THIS LINK.

If you want to avoid spoilers, you'll want to avoid this page. This page is just a collection of thoughts I've have about the arc of the show so far.

Why do I like Babylon 5 so much?

Primarily, Babylon 5's greatest assets are: (1) Excellent story writing. (2) Excellent characters and actors playing them. (3) Excellent special effects. (4) Excellent original music.

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Lorien transcripts:

Someone asked me if I had any Lorien dialogue or quotes. Well, I have recordings, of the entire series, and I realized, that in fact, Lorien's quotes are at least as powerful as Kosh's. Here's a complete transcript of everything Lorien ever says in B5.

Hour of the Wolf (4x01):

Sheridan: Who are you?

Lorien:   Who are you?

Sheridan: How did I get here?

Lorien:   You were born.

Sheridan: Why am I alive?

Lorien:   Well, that is the question isn't it?
          Do you mind if I share your fire?


Sheridan: No

<Episode ends with Sheridan and Lorien staring at each other.>

What ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi (4x02):

Lorien (in corporial form): Who are you? What do you want? 
          Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? Who are you?

Lorien:   You were dreaming.

Sheridan: Yes.

Lorien:   About what?


Lorien:   You are thinking about escape again aren't you?  Don't.  There's no
          way off Z'ha'dum.  Might as well give up.  Reconcile yourself as I

Sheridan: The first obligation of a prisoner is to escape.

Lorien:   Ah.  So if one is a prisoner of love, must one escape to solitude?
          If one is a prisoner to joy, must one espace to sadness?


          I see you're still upset that I won't tell you my name.  Well what
          does it matter?  If I tell you my name is Lorien what good is that?
          It tells you nothing, but leaves me at a disadvantage.  Words have
          meaning and names have power.  The universe began with a word you
          know?  But which came first?  The word, or the thought behind the 
          word?  You can't create language without thought, and you can't
          conceive a thought without language.  So which created the other and
          thus created the universe?


          *Sigh* No.  I see you're far too wrapped up in your question to 
          consider the larger issues.

Sheridan: What question?

Lorien:   Who are you?

Sheridan: How did you know about -- ?

Lorien:   Its a dangerous question isn't it?  There's never a good answer to 
          it.  I suppose that's the point.  Now what you are -- That's a 
          question I can answer.  At least in your case.  You're dead.

Sheridan: Now that's enough!

Lorien:   How long have you been here?

Sheridan: I-I don't know.  A day maybe two.

Lorien:   The sun has risen and set 9 times -- you haven't eaten.  You ought to
          be starving.  Are you hungry?  Thristy?  Does blood still flow 
          through your veins?  Does it?


Sheridan: There's no pulse.

Lorien:   Because, my reluctant friend, you are quite -- quite dead.

<Show opens>

Lorien:   Nothing to say about being dead?

Sheridan: Its a trick!

Lorien:   Is it?  What is the last thing you remember before waking up here?

Sheridan: I was falling.  I fell -- a long way.  It seemed to go on forever.

Lorien:   Nothing goes on forever.  Not falls, not you, not I, not love, not 
          life.  Entropy consumes everything.  We all hit bottom sooner or 
          later.  Did you hit bottom?

Sheridan: I-I don't remember.

Lorien:   There are only two possibilities.  If you hit bottom, then you are
          dead.  If you did not hit bottom, then you are still falling, and
          all of this is a dream.  Unless -- you're in between.

Sheridan: Between what?

Lorien:   Between moments.  When we are born, we are allocated a finite number
          of seconds.  Each tick of the clock slices off a piece of us.  Tick 
          -- a possibility for joy is gone.  Tock -- a careless word ends one
          path and opens another.  Tick tock tick tock -- always running out 
          of time.  Yours is almost used up.  You're between seconds lost in
          the infinite possibilities between tick and tock.  Tick your alive
          and tock -- well it was a good life but a short one.  Tick tock 
          tick tock tick tock ...

Sheridan: How do I know you're not behind this?  Huh?  Just what are you up 
          to?  Who are you?

Lorien (in corporial form): Who are you?  What do you want?

Lorien:   You're closer now aren't you?  Yes I see you are.  But closer to 
          tick or closer to tock?  I don't know.  Only time will tell.  And
          here between the moments, we have all the time in the world.

<cut to other stories>

<Franklin is in Sheridan's quarters, and Delenn enters>

Delenn:   You wanted to see me?

Franklin: Yes.  Ivanova wanted me to go through the captain's personal affects
          and figure out what to keep and what to store and what to - uh - 
          send back to his family.  She gave me the password to his personal 
          log and other official files.  I was looking through them what I
          found this.  Though you might like to take a look at that.  I'll be 
          outside when you're through.

<Delenn activates the data crystal in Sheridan's terminal>

Sheridan: Personal log May 24, 2260.  We actually had a quiet day today.  Its
          hard to believe with so much going on lately.  And now that we've
          broken away from earth.  Everything has hit the fan.  Its not what I
          wanted, frankly it scares the hell out of me.  But it had to be 
          done.  The job now is to turn this around make it into something 
          positive.  My dad told me that's the only way you deal with 
          pain.  You don't surrender, you don't fight it, you turn it into
          something positive.  He used to say, if you're falling off a cliff
          you may as well try to fly.  You've got nothing to lose.

          Well, in a way I feel the same way about Delenn.  During the war I
          fought Mimbari, I killed Mimbari, I saw many of my friends die in
          Mimbari hands.  Here I am -- in love with one them.  For a long time
          I thought about not saying anything.  But the moment my heart 
          crossed that line there wasn't much I could do but see it through.  
          Yeah, I've fallen off one hell of a cliff.  When I look in her 
          eyes.  I let myself think, maybe I really can fly.

<cut to other stories>

Sheridan: This is the fire I set when I woke up down here!  I've come full 

Lorien:   Don't we all?

Sheridan: Look.  You've been down here longer that I have.

Lorien:   Oh much.  Much longer.

Sheridan: Well there must be some way out of here!

Lorien:   Tick you're alive, tock you're dead.  The only way out is to 
          surrender to tock.

Sheridan: No.  No, I can't do that.  Don't you understand?  There's a war on
          out there.  If we don't do something, billions of people are going
          to die.  Now don't you care about that?

Lorien:   Yes.  Of course I care.  Its a terrible thing when your children 
          fight.  I warned the others but they didn't listen.  They never

Sheridan: Your -- children?

Lorien:   Metaphorically speaking.  Those who came after me.  Children, 
          younger siblings.

Sheridan: How long have you been here?

Lorien:   A long time.  So long -- I was old when the molecules of your world
          joined and called themselves land and sea and fish and man.

Sheridan: You're one of the first ones.

Lorien:   No -- not one of the first ones.  I *am* the first one.


Sheridan: You know a way out of here don't you?

Lorien:   Perhaps.

Sheridan: Then why are you still here?

Lorien:   I'm waiting

Sheridan: For what?

Lorien:   Someone to talk to.  You are the first to make it this far.

Sheridan: Do they know?

Lorien:   Of course.  That's why they come back to Z'ha'dum every time they're 
          driven off.  Because I'm here.  They think they are showing 
          respect.  They don't understand.  They did used to.  But that was a 
          long time ago.  A million years.

Sheridan: You don't look --

Lorien:   No.  I don't.  Well, not at the moment.

Lorien (in corporial form): Who are you?

Sheridan: That was you?

Lorien:   Perhaps.  We all have secrets.  Surprises.  Did you know you have a 
          Vorlon inside of you?  Well a piece of one.

Kosh (flashback): If you go to Z'ha'dum you will die!
          Jump!  Jump now!

Sheridan: Kosh.

Lorien:   Is that its name?  I think I met it once long ago.

Sheridan: He told me to jump.  Did he know?

Lorien:   That I was here?  Almost certainly!

Sheridan: How --

Lorien:   They can break off pieces of their consciousness and put into other
          organisms.  It allows them to travel hidden through the galaxy
          using others as their eyes and ears.  Kosh is in you and he's part 
          of the problem.  You're the other part.  You're both still clinging
          to life.  Both afraid to let go.  You must lay down the burden of
          life.  Both of you.  And surrender yourself to tock.

Sheridan: No, I can't.  The others need me.

Lorien:   You can't turn away from death simply because you're afraid of what
          might happen without you.  That's not enough!  You're not embracing
          life.  You're fleeing death!  So you're caught in between.  Unable
          to go forward or backward.  Your friends need what you can be when
          you are no longer afraid.  When you know who you are and why you are
          and what you want.  When you are no longer looking for reasons to
          live but can simply be.

Sheridan: I can't.  I don't know how to do that.

Lorien:   Then I cannot help you.  And you'll be caught forever in between.
          You must let go.  Surrender yourself to death.  The death of flesh,
          the death of fear, step into the abyss and let go.

Sheridan: Its getting darker.

Lorien:   I know.  You're close friend.  Very close.  Its easy to find
          something worth dying for.  Do you have anything worth living for?

Sheridan: I can't see you anymore.

Lorien:   As it should be.

Sheridan: If I fall, how will I know if you'll catch me.

Lorien:   I caught you before.

Sheridan: And if I die?

Lorien:   I cannot create life but I can breath on the remaining embers.  It
          may not work.

Sheridan: But I can hope.

Lorien:   Hope is all we have.

<cut to scene where Sheridan is standing over the hole on Z'ha'dum>

Lorien (voice only): Do you have anything worth living for?

Delenn (flashback to a previous episode):  Sleep now.  I will watch and catch 
          you if you should fall.

Sheridan: Delenn!

<Lorien standing over what is presumably Sheridan's lifeless body>

<Episode ends>

Falling Toward Apotheosis (4x04):

<Sheridan helps a woman from being trampled in a panicking crowd>

Lorien:   You heard?

Sheridan: I heard.

Lorien:   They need to believe.

Sheridan: Not in me.

Lorien:   You can't save them all.

Sheridan: I'll try.

Lorien:   You'll fail.

Sheridan: We'll see.

<cut to other stories>

<An attempt is being made to evict the Vorlon ambassador, Delenn tries to save
 a downed man.  Vorlon sees Delenn and makes like its about to attack.  
 Sheridan runs to Delenn, the Vorlon instantly grabs Sheridan>

Delenn:   John!

Lorien:   Now!

<The remainder of Kosh leaves Sheridan's body and attacks the Vorlon, Sheridan
 is killed in the process>

Delenn:	  Its Kosh.  Kosh was inside him.

Lorien:   Yes, the last of Kosh, and some of him, and some of me.

<The Vorlons leave B5 coporially, apparently trying to reach the departing
 Vorlon ship, but the ship explodes as soon as they enter it.>

Ivanova (from the bridge):  Is everyone ok?  Captain is everything alright?  

Delenn:	  John!

Lorien:   No!  Wait!  His life force must be replenished.

Delenn:	  Is this how you brought him back from Z'ha'dum?

Lorien:   I give of myself to replenish him.  For a little while.

Delenn:	  How long?

Lorien:   Long enough.

<Lorien visibly drained, Delenn hugs a revived Sheridan>
<other stories>
<In Sheridan's quarters, Lorien is there, Delenn arrives>

Delenn:	  John.  Ivanova told me that you wanted to see me.

Sheridan: Yes.  There's something -- I didn't want to tell you at first.  But
          when I heard what you asked Lorien well, you have a right to know.

Delenn:	  To know what?

Lorien:   He was gravely wounded at Z'ha'dum.  He was dying.  He was dead.
          I did all I could to help him but I cannot create life, only the
          universe can do that.  I can extend, enhance, there is no magic,
          nothing spiritual about it.  Only the application of energies.  
          Healing and rebuilding cells.

Sheridan: I had Franklin do a complete medscan.  He found things in my 
          neorosystem.  Some kind of biochemical energy repairing and 
          sustaining me.  He's never seen anything like it.

Lorien:   I did the best I could.  I gave him back a portion of his life but
          only a portion.

Delenn:	  How long?

Lorien:   In human terms, barring injury and illness?  Perhaps 20 years.  But
          no more than that.

Delenn:	  20 years?

Sheridan: I'll be in my early 60s by then.  Its a good run Delenn.

Delenn:	  You told me that humans live to be a hundred years old.  Even older.
          You can't --

Lorien:   20 years.  No more.  And then one day, he will simply stop.

Sheridan: Can we have a moment?

<Lorien leaves>

Sheridan: Its alright, Delenn.  I went into this with my eyes open.  I knew if
          I went to Z'ha'dum there'd be a price.  Seems there's always a 
          price.  I'm ok with this.

Delenn:	  But I'm not ok with this.  I told you I was afraid that I would get
          you back only to lose you.  And that's what this is.  20 years.

Sheridan: But its a long time.  Its 20 more years than I would have had -- and
          at least -- at least I can spend most of them with you.  That's why
          I wanted to see you alone.  ... I thought I had lost it.  ... I 
          wanted you to have this.  I got it down in the Zocalo.  Its not what
          I had exactly in mind but um ... its temporary until I can get you
          a real engagement ring. ... Uh its an earth custom.  You see you,
          give someone you love an engagement ring as a kind of a downpayment
          for another ring.  The kind that you exchange when you get married.
          I don't know when we will be able to get around to that part.  We
          may not survive the next two weeks.  But I wanted you to have this
          and I'd like you to know that whatever time I have left I want to
          spend it with you.

<Delenn and Sheridan kiss>

Into the Fire (4x06):

Ivanova (narrating): Commander's personal log.  We're still searching for 
          "first one's" for use in our war with the Vorlons and the shadows.  
          There's less that 24 hours left before everything hits the fan.  We 
          can't afford to waste any more time.  We have to get back to 
          Babylon 5 and catch up with the fleet.

Ivanova:  We've been waiting for two hours we have to move on.  There aren't
          anymore "first ones" around here.  We've got 5 so far, that's good 

Lorien:   There is time for one more.  This is the last.  Its important to 
          have them all.  Keep sending the signal.

Ivanova:  I'll give you ten more minutes then we're leaving.  I just wish I
          knew how things were going out there.  The captain's idea of hitting
          Vorlon targets, delaying them long enough to put our fleets in the 
          killing zone between the Vorlons and the shadows.

Lorien:   A brilliant strategy.  He's making a crucible which he hopes will
          force out the truth.  Quite brave.  Possibly futile, but very human.

<a beep is heard from a white star console somewhere, a "first one" appears>

Lorien:   I will introduce them to you now.  They're almost as old as the
          Vorlons.  They've not spoken to anyone outside their own race for

Ivanova:  But they'll remember you?

Lorien:   Oh yes.

Ivanova:  I just hope the captain is ok.

<other stories>
<Ivanova in her quarters on B5 preparing to depart for the battle, the door

Ivanova:  Yes?

Lorien:   I was told you were ready to leave.

Ivanova:  Almost.  You're awefully impatient for someone who's supposed to be

Lorien:   Not immortal as you mean it.  My race can die through illness or

Ivanova:  Really, so where are the rest of them?

Lorien:   They fell ill and died?  Were injured and died.  The rest went away.
          I am the last, and I was the first.

Ivanova:  I have to admit, I'm a little bit skeptical about that.

Lorien:   Skepticism is the language of the mind.  What does your heart tell 

Ivanova:  My heart and I don't speak anymore.

Lorien:   Yes, I have noticed that.

Ivanova:  Ok, let's assume that in all of the universe, you were the first
          living being to achieve sentience billions of years ago.  Now at 
          that point you'd be doing pretty good to invent fire or the wheel.  
          You couldn't come up with science and technology find a sirum for
          immortality all in one lifetime.

Lorien:   It wasn't necessary.  We were born, naturally immortal.  

Ivanova:  That's impossible.  Everything dies.

Lorien:   Yes.  Now.  At first we were kept in balance by birth rate.  Few of
          us were ever born, less than a handful each year.  Then I think the
          universe decided, that to appreciate life for there to be change and
          growth, life had to be short.  So the generations that followed us
          grew old, infirmed, then died.  But those of us who were first went
          on.  We discovered the Vorlons and the shadows when they were infant
          races and nurished them -- helped them and all the other races you
          call the first ones.  In time, most of them died.  Or passed beyond
          the rim to whatever lies in the darkness between the galaxies.  We've
          lived too long; seen too much.  To live on as we have is to leave
          behind joy and love and companionship because we know it to be
          transitory; of the moment.  We know it will turn to ash.  Only those
          whose lives are brief can imagine that love is eternal.  You should
          embrace that remarkable illusion.  It may be the greatest gift your
          race has ever received.

<other stories>

Ivanova:  Can't this thing go any faster, the captain's going to need all the
          weapons we've got!  Nas khan Nas Khan Fecto!  Ah hell. ... What's 
          going on?  

Lorien:   "Ah hell" means continuous fire in Mimbari.

Ivanova:  Oh great -- Sejominy!  Cease fire!

Lorien:   Patience is also a weapon when used properly.  We will arrive when
          we arrive and we will have the weapons we have.  You cannot win
          this war through force.  You must understand your way out of this.
          Sheridan knows.  What remains to be seen is whether he knows that
          he knows.

<other stories>
<the big fleet is assembled at Coriana 6>

Sheridan: Lorien, you've seen it?  

Lorien:   Yes.

Delenn:	  Can you try to get through?  Tell them to ...

Lyta (possesed by Vorlons): There is nothing to tell.  You thought we could
          not touch you.  You were wrong.

<The Vorlons via Lyta trap Sheridan into some kind of energy field>

Delenn:	  John!

Lorien:   No, do not touch him!  If you try to interrupt it will kill him.

Lyta (possesed by the shadows): And you they have left for us.

<The shadows via Lyta posess Delenn>

Lennier:  Delenn!

Lorien:   Do not interfere, or you will lose your one chance to end this.  He
          was hoping they could be provoked into doing this.

Lennier:  What's happened to them?

Lorien:   They are elsewhere.  The others over there, still work in secret.
          But he wanted you to know what is at stake.  He wants all of you to
          know what you may be asked to die for, and why.

<Lorien touches both Sheridan and Delenn, and everyone sees everything>

Lennier:  I can see.  I can see them.

Sheridan: Where are you?  Show yourselves!

Vorlon icon: We are here.  We do not understand you.  We have wished only the
          best for you.  We only want to help you.

Sheridan: You are destroying whole worlds.

Vorlon icon: The others are a disease.  You have given us the opportunity to
          eliminate it.  We are grateful.  Why do you oppose us?

Sheridan: Because I don't like being used.  Or lied to.

Vorlon icon: We have not lied.  Our goal is the same as yours -- to destroy 
          the darkness.

Sheridan: Then why haven't you struck at them directly?  You don't want to
          answer that one do you?  See -- I finally understood the rules of
          this war when I saw your planet killers in action.  You've had the
          technology to destroy Z'ha'dum all along.  So why haven't you used

Vorlon icon: You do no understand.

Sheridan: Oh, but I do understand!  And that's what got you worried isn't it?
          A Vorlon said understanding is a three edged sword.  Your side, 
          their side and the truth.  Well the truth is, that we don't need you

shadow icon (to Delenn): The Vorlons stand for order above anything else.  No
          passion, no dreams.  Just discipline.  Obedience, their frozen in
          place; an evolutionary dead end!  Why side with the old?  Embrace
          the new!  Growth through pain and struggle; conflict and war!  You
          of all people should understand this.

          Your race came out of the last war stronger, better -- how much
          better?  How much stronger will they be after this war?  You will
          rise from the ashes with a strength and power beyond your 

Delenn:	  Until you do it to use again!

shadow icon: It is the cycle.  It is the force of history itself. You cannot 
          win against that.  We have embraced it.  We've helped it along by 
          creating conflict.  Weak races die, strong races are made even 
          stronger.  Evolution must be served.  There is no other way.

Delenn:	  No!  That's what you want us to believe.

Sheridan: That's why you are really doing this.  That's why you've been 
          targetting planets that support the shadows instead of destroying
          Z'ha'dum itself.  You don't want to kill the messenger, you just
          want to kill the message!  Make it harder for them to get to us.
          Guarantee that we do things your way. --

Delenn:	  -- After all, if you destroy that Vorlons they'll never know you
          won.  They'll never see that you were right and they were wrong.
          Its about ideology.

shadow icon: Of course!  What isn't?  Order versus Chaos.  Choose one.

Delenn:	  Yes choose.  But only from the choices you give us.  Don't you see
          that this is wrong?  When the other first ones passed beyond the rim
          you stayed behind as guardians.  Shepards for the younger races, but
          you've lost your way.  This isn't about teaching us or helping us.
          This about you being right!

Sheridan: You're trying to force us to decide which of you is right.  You're
          like a couple of parents arguing in front of their kids; 
          manipulating them; trying to get them to take sides.  Not for their
          benefit, but for yours.  But what if the right choice is not to 
          choose at all?

Delenn:	  What if we reject the idea that we must decide which of you is
          right?  What if we simply walk away?

shadow icon: You cannot do that!

Delenn:	  The war will never end!

shadow icon: That is correct!

Delenn:	  Then there is no hope?

shadow icon: There is only chaos and evolution.

Vorlon icon: There is only order and obedience.  You will do as you are told.

shadow icon: You will fight.  Because we tell you to fight.  

Vorlon icon: You will die for us when we tell you to die for us.  Because the
          others know no other way.

Sheridan: That's where you're wrong.

shadow icon: You've let them see, you let them know.

Lorien:   Hurry!  Take my hand! ... Quickly!

Sheridan: I'm fine ... I'm fine.

Lennier:  Captain look!  The shadow cloud doesn't show up on our instruments.

Ivanova:  Captain can you recieve?

Sheridan: Ivanova?  Did you see it?  Did the rest of the fleet hear what they 

Ivanova:  We did, then the cloud came up all around us.  Getting through no
          matter what we do.

Marcus:	  Picking up thousands of missiles all around us.  Extreme cold's shut
          down the jump engines.  Not just ours -- the entire fleet.  Estimate
          we have 10 minutes.  Before the temperature drops below that which
          we could survive.

Sheridan: Is that it?  We come all this way, we figure it out and now they
          don't want us to leave?  They'd rather let us die here than get in 
          the way of their little war.

Lorien:   No.  They're not quite finished yet.  Look.  They're giving you a
          chance to change their mind.  Ask forgiveness.  Choose.  Your next
          words will decide which way this goes.  I cannot help you.

<Vorlon and shadow appear on the whitestar bridge>

Sheridan: The Vorlons only ask one question, over and over.  Who are you?  
          You!  For you the question is what do you want?  I have never heard
          you answer that question.  Who are you?  What do you want?

Delenn:	  You don't know do you?  You've been fighting each other so long 
          you've forgotten.  You've lost your way.  So how can you guide us?
          How can we learn who we are and what we want?  If you don't even
          know it anymore?

Sheridan: It doesn't matter which side wins this today.  A thousand years from
          now it'll start all over again.  You as trapped in this cycle, as
          much as we are.  But we can't afford it anymore.  We don't need it,
          we don't need you.  We've learned how to stand on our own.  We'll
          make mistakes.  But they'll be *our* mistakes, not yours.

Delenn:	  Your secret is out.  All these other races know you for who you are.
          So what now?

Vorlon:	  You do not speak for the rest.

shadow:	  They will not follow you if you are dead.

Lennier:  Missile on approach!  Impact in 10 seconds!

<shadow death cloud missile hits another ship that puts itself in between
 the path with Sheridan's white star.>

Sheridan: What ship was that?

Lennier:  Drazi war ship, the strakath.  They took the hit for us.  The other
          ships are moving in.  Surrounding us.

Delenn:	  The others have rejected you.  How can you have a war when noone will
          fight for either of you?

Sheridan: We refuse to take sides in this anymore.  And we refuse to let you 
          turn us against one another.  We know who we are now.  We can find
          our own way through order and chaos.  

Delenn:	  You can kill us one by one, and those that follow us and those who
          follow them on and on -- every race, every planet, until there is
          noone left to kill.  You will have failed as guardians and you will
          be alone.

Sheridan: Its over because we've decided its over.  Now get the hell out of
          our galaxy!  Both of you!

Lorien:   As I taught you but then stepped aside, now you must do the same.  
          Our age is passed.  This belongs to the younger races now.  They 
          have learned to stand on their own.  They have learned to 
          understand.  Time to let them go.

shadow:	  Will you come with us?

Lorien:   I have been here since the beginning, I will not leave you now.  I
          will go with you beyond the rim.  And we will see again all those 
          that went ahead of us.  All those who we have missed for so long.

Vorlon:	  Then we will not be alone?

Lorien:   No.  Never alone.

<Vorlon and shadow leave>

Marcus:	  Did we just win?

Ivanova:  Don't jinx it!

<the remaining "first ones" leave>

Lorien:   I waited a long time for someone to find me.  Now, like the others,
          I find I hate to leave.  But -- none of us can stay behind this 
          time.  That is why is was necessary to find all the remaining "first 
          ones".  This -- is yours now.  And you have an obligation to do as
          we have done.  To teach the races that follow you, and when the
          time comes as ours has, to step aside and allow them to grow into
          their own destiny.  If your races survive -- if you do not kill 
          yourselves, I look forward to the day when your people join us
          beyond the rim.

<Lorien turns to corporial form, and leaves>

Lorien:   We will wait for you.

Sleeping in Light (5x22):

Lorien (flashback in Sheridan's dream): Step into the abyss and let go!

Sheridan (flashback in Sheridan's dream): What if I die?

Lorien (flashback in Sheridan's dream): I cannot create life.  But I can
          But I can breathe on the remaining embers.  It may not work.

Sheridan (flashback in Sheridan's dream): But I can hope.

Lorien (flashback in Sheridan's dream): Hope is all we have. ... His life 
          force must be replenished! ... I give of myself to replenish him for
          a little while.

Delenn (flashback in Sheridan's dream): How long?

Lorien (flashback in Sheridan's dream): In human terms, barring injury and
          illness?  Perhaps 20 years, but no more than that.  ... and then
          one day he will simply stop.

<other stories>

<Sheridan is alone in a white star at Coriana 6>

Whitestar computer:  Warning!  Pilot lifesigns indicator entering danger zone.

Sheridan: Monitors off.  Turn it all off.  Its too damn much noise.  ... 

<Lorien appears>

Lorien:   Who are you?  What do you want?  Why are you here?  Where are you 

Sheridan: Lorien.

Lorien:   Did you think we had forgotten you?  We have been waiting for you.  

Sheridan: Beyond the rim.

Lorien:   Yes.

Sheridan: There's so much I still don't understand.

Lorien:   As it should be.

Sheridan: Can I come back?

Lorien:   No.  This journey has ended.  Another begins.  Time to rest now.

Sheridan: Well ... look at that ... suns coming up.

<Sheridan and Lorien pass beyond the rim>

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