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This is just a page of stuff, that I think makes the WWW worth while. This isn't just some bogus page of links to places you've seen linked a million times elsewhere. This is really the best stuff that I've found on the web. All links are external, leading you to some place else. If you have any other suggestions, please be sure to tell me about them.

If you wish to link to my pages, please use the URL since that will remain constant regardless of the actual location of my home pages at any given point in time.

If you are curious as to who is linking to my pages you can look here. Its kind of interesting.

Catalog Awesome software and software sites

All the software listed here is software I have used, and which I consider truly high quality for the price (its mostly shareware stuff, which means its basically all affordable, try before you buy stuff.)

Great software worth downloading

Great download sites

Inverloch Varden -- Inverloch

Some worth while services

This is online stuff that I check out and/or use periodically because I think it is valuable. Please excuse me if there are some obvious, over-linked sites here, but if they are here it is because I feel I must truly endorse them.
Excellent Home Pages of people around the net.

Things worth protesting about

Free Kevin Free Kevin
stop big brother Encryption Policy Resource Page
Peace Fire - Youth Alliance Against Internet Censorship Freedom of expression and communication on the internet
Electronic Freedom Foundation Where we rallied against the unconstitutional CDA
Famous tank and civilion image from Tiananmen Square massacre A reminder that most of the world is not free
FAIR -- fairness and accuracy in reporting Who reports on the reporters?
ACLU The American Civil Liberty Union
Bright Path Video Bright Path Video
Indy Media Independent Media Center
Democracy Now Democracy Now!
Z-Magazine Znet online magazine


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