Paul Hsieh's web licenses

Unless otherwise accompanied by another included license, the text and explicitly rendered exposition of all content under this website is covered by the Paul Hsieh exposition license.

For the specific coverage of raw source code (only) obtained from this website, you have the option of using the old-style BSD license to use the code instead of other the licenses. This option has been provided for people who can't figure out what I talking about with my derivative license, or who are using a old-style BSD compatible license.

Unless otherwise accompanied by another included license, derivative work by taking portions or ideas from the above mentioned exposition are covered by the Paul Hsieh derivative license.

Examples: Unless covered by another accompanying license, source code shown on my website can be used freely under the derivative license, (and may be distributed under a public domain license, whether compiled into another program or not, for example) however the font, comments, colors or any layout details associated to that source code in its exposition are covered by the exposition license.

The entire English text describing the code is also covered under the exposition license and thus cannot be copied at all outside the limits of fair use.

Images and graphics shown on this website are entirely covered by the exposition license.

If a proprietary vendor wishes to create a closed source object code based product using source covered by the derivative license they may do so. However if this vendor then wished to distribute the original source code, they may not apply any licensing terms which contradict the original derivative license covering the derivative code.

If your code is compatible with the old style BSD license and you wish to avoid the burden of explicitely protecting code you obtained from here from misrepresentation then you can simply cover it with the old-style BSD license.

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