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Programming 10-20-2015 Principia Computoria. Programming essentials for those looking for a general discussion.
Assembly Language 06-22-2015 x86 assembly language resources and links
Assembly Language Lab 04-16-2015 x86 assembly language examples
CritLoops 08-20-2012 Open Source Critical Loops benchmark.
Watcom C/C++ 05-01-2005 WATCOM C/C++ FAQ, and links to libraries that support it.
Pentium Optimization 04-08-2004 Discussion on optimizing for the Intel Pentium processor. Includes Agner's famous article and a Mandelbrot loop example.
CPUJIHAD 06-24-2015 A comparison of 7th generation CPU architectures.
CPUWAR 09-26-2002 A comparison of 6th generation x86 CPU architectures.
Accelerators 04-10-2004 A discussion about modern Graphics Accelerators.
Graphics 06-23-2015 Principia Graphica. Starting point for the subject of graphics.
Program Optimization 02-26-2016 Writing code for speed. Web page is unique to the net in content and depth.
Ninja Programmer 10-20-2015 Index of source code, deep programming articles, and downloadable binaries.
DOS resources 06-22-2015 DOS programming resources.
Game Programming 06-26-2015 Game programming resources.
Other OSs 12-29-2006 Alternative operating systems. For those that want to tell Microsoft where to go today.
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