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Self cloning Code that outputs its source code as a side effect of its execution.
A Better String Library A string library that is safer, faster, simpler and more capable than the standard C library.
downloadWCUT A command line interface for interacting with the Windows clipboard. Mode X blitting sources for WATCOM C/C++ finger - multithreaded, winsock sources for WATCOM C/C++ reverse DNS - client side hostname lookup multithreaded, winsock sources for WATCOM C/C++ High performance poker hand evaluation Sudoku solver
downloadNUMLOCK off Turn off the numlock state under Win 9x/DOS.
downloadDOS DIR Source code for a clone of the dir DOS command. (Requires Turbo C.)
downloadFC Source code for a clone of the dir FC command. (Requires Turbo C.)
downloadbcsv Source code for parsing CSV files.
downloadsched Source code for sched, an instruction scheduling utility. Prime number testing, Index -> Prime map and factoring for 32 bit integers.
downloadpstdint.h A cross platform stdint.h (for precisely sized integers on all platforms) A generic linked list implementation for C A typesafe generic stack implementation for C
downloadeinst.c A solution to "the Einstein" problem
BIN2C/METAC Utilities for Direct inlining of binary data into C program sources
Block Copy How to write a fast memcpy() loop.
Assembly Lab Examples of how to write good x86 assembly language.
Constant Multiplies Use the x86's special address mode calculation instructions to speed up multiplies with constant numbers.
Constant Divides Reducing constant divides and modulos using a simple fixed point trick.
Square Roots Some reasonable algorithms for calculating square roots.
x86 Opcode Generation Using GWBASIC + DEBUG to extract all of the x86 opcodes that debug supports.
Animation Some general concepts used in making fast, flicker free animation.
Mhz Calculate the clock rate of your Pentium.
User Input A safe way to obtain user input in C.

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